Phoenix Starrwind's

Welcome to this website of mine.

By comming to this webpage you are giving up on your rights to reality, just kidding. I'm
actually thankful you decided to come visit. Even though this site has just started and theres
not much to offerbut a couple of humple webpages. But, in due time and if you'll stay with me
i'm pretty sure we'll watch this website grow and flourish.

I really should have alot more to say, but since I don't here are some links to navigate yourself
around my website as well as to some of my most favored places in the net.

Vanity Website links:
About Me
My Personal Art Gallery
My Web Journal (Might as well have one)
My Personal Opinions (pfft, like that maters)

My Various Projects:
Magical Girls Club (My Original RPG/Project)
A Certain Unique Academy City (とある唯一学園都市 Fan Project)
Western Hakurei Shrine Project (西方博麗神社 Project)
Final Fantasy: When Worlds Collide (RPG/Fan project)